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Certificate of Professional Developmentin Community of Philosophical Inquiry

Friday August 22 – Tuesday Aug 26th 2008 (The Netherlands)

Contact: Dr. Catherine McCall (E-mail:

Community of Philosophical Inquiry [CoPI]. The course has been developed to provide training in the theory and practice of the specific CoPI Methodology for those involved in working with groups of children, teenagers and adults in education, business, or in the community. The course is aimed at teachers, tutors and group leaders from all professions and aims to train participants in the appropriate knowledge, skills and strategies to implement CoPI Methodology with their own groups. Duration The course consists of approximately 90 hours learning, including 46 hours of direct teaching and 44 hours of supported research/self study.

Learning Outcomes By the end of the course the student should be able to:
*Demonstrate an understanding of the Realist Philosophy underlying the CoPI Methodology.
*Demonstrate competence in the practise of the CoPI Methodology.
*Demonstrate knowledge of Introductory logic, fallacies and argumentation.
*Analyse the underlying argumentationon forms within a CoPI dialogue.
*Demonstrate knowledge of Western academic Philosophy.
*Demonstrate knowledge of how the CoPI Methodology develops the thinking of participants.
*Demonstrate knowledge of how the CoPI Methodology develops the social competence of participants.

Course Director: Dr. Catherine C. McCall BA Hons MA TEFL MSc PhD FRSA

Renowned as a world leader in the field, Dr. Catherine McCall is President of Stichting SOPHIA: The European Foundation for Doing Philosophy with Children and Director of EPIC. Dr. McCall trained as a philosopher and psychologist at Trinity College, University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology and Manchester University. In 1984 she pioneered the practise of philosophising with young children in the USA, and from 1985- 86 whilst a Professor in Montclair USA, she introduced Philosophy for children, Nelson's Socratic Method and Community of Philosophical Inquiry (CoPI) method to the UK, Eire, France, and Spain through a series of International Training Workshops. She was appointed as the External Expert to the Government in Values and Character Education for the Sate of New Jersey, USA 1985-86. The 1990 BBC documentary "Socrates for Six year olds" featured Dr. McCall's PI work with young children in the USA. In 1990 Dr. McCall created M.Phil. and PhD. degrees in Philosophical Inquiry at Glasgow University.
In 2004 Dr. McCall was invited to present the CoPI method to the Scottish Parliament. As an international expert in Philosophy with children, she has been a Visiting Professor at: The Sorbonne; The Technical University of Barcelona; The University of South Carolina, USA; The Polish Academy of Sciences; Malta University; The Continuing Education University of Iceland.
Course Tutors: All course Tutors will hold an M.Phil. Degree in Philosophical Inquiry and have experience in implementing the CoPI methodology with both adults and children.
Fees £750 per person. The fee covers: administration, tuition, course materials, marking of students' work.

For further details on all University of Strathclyde CPD provision, please contact:

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