domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

novos cursos e acções de formação da APEFP

a APEFP disponibiliza acções de formação na área das novas práticas filosóficas; para breve está prevista uma acção sobreFILOSOFIA E HUMOR, bem como A FILOSOFIA PRÁTICA E AS NOVAS PRÁTICAS FILOSÓFICAS

para mais info, consultar o blog da associação... AQUI!


na Livraria Cabeçudos no próximo sábado, 21 de Maio

as oficinas estão abertas para pais e filhos dos 4 aos 8 anos.
(quem diz pai, diz mãe ou avós ou tia!)

sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

Dia Mundial do Livro - sugestões de leitura

O Pequeno Livro dos Medos, com texto e ilustrações de Sérgio Godinho


O Tamanho da Minha Altura, com texto de Suzana Ramos e ilustrações de Marta Neto

sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011

é já amanhã! para pais e filhos, na livraria Cabeçudos (Lisboa)

23 de Abril | 11h

para pais e filhos (dos 4 aos 10 anos) - quem diz pai, diz mãe, tia avó...

6th International Summer Seminar - "Practicing Philosophy"

La Chapelle St André - France | August 1st - 7th 2011

Every summer, in the little village of La Chapelle St André (Burgundy - France), gather about 25-30 persons involved in philosophical practice (students, teachers, professors, counselors, trainers) in order to reflect on their work and improve professionally. For seven days, in English, these philosophy practitioners coming from the five continents will participate to different workshops, run workshops, analyze and evaluate them, theorize about the different issues involved.

In this context, philosophy is not any more an academic activity centered on the history of ideas, and one does not come simply to narrate what he does in his home country, but get acquainted with the many ways of philosophizing, as an activity constitutive of the mind and the self. Philosophy with children, philosophical consultation, philosophy workshops, Socratic dialogue, etc., one is introduced to the many forms and variants of such an endeavor. It is not so much knowledge that is at stake here, but acquiring and developing skills. How to conceptualize, how to problematize, how to deepen understanding of given ideas, and especially how to create a situation where this activity can be induced, is the main focus of the work.

Of course, Socratic maïeutics is a key methodological point, but as well dialectics, analytics, community of enquiry, constitute as many entries and matrices to define the work. If they wish so, participants can facilitate a workshop, a situation which provides an occasion for a practitioner to show how he works and get some critical feed-back on his work and his methodology, so one becomes more conscious of his own options and activity. Since the atmosphere of this seminar is open, inclined to both rigor and diversity, it creates a context where one can really express his view instead of hiding behind the usual pseudo-consensus where "everything is fine and we are all great". In this sense, the idea is to recreate the context of antique philosophical schools, or the gymnasium as described by Plato, where one could challenge other's ideas and himself be challenged. In the peaceful atmosphere of a small French village, accompanied with good food and good wine, walks in the beautiful surrounding woods and visit to the medieval site of Vezelay, one can truly devote himself to philosophical encounters and reflection.

All practitioners interested in presenting their work and holding a workshop during this event are invited to send in their proposal. The purpose of this seminar is to exchange, discover, experiment and develop practices.

This seminar does not require previous philosophical training. It can be an initiation to philosophical practice, or a deepening of the activity. Participants come from different parts of the world, and join for professional or personal reasons, in order to work on a practice that is applicable to many contexts: teaching children or adults, management, individual consultation, N. G. O. activities…

The duration will be one whole week, from August 1st - 7th, and the cost will be 500 EUR, including the workshops, food and accommodation in a private room. For people who are on a tight budget, this can be reduced to 300 EUR if you accept "camping style" accommodation. Our Institute can accept some people free of charge who have financial difficulties, but are highly motivated.

You can read theoretical texts and watch videos of the practice on the following websites - English section : www.brenifier.com

If you wish to be informed of the seminar and workshops of the Institute of Philosophical practice, you can send an email to Isabelle Millon at the following address:

segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

Os porquês da palavra porquê | WKS na Nova Etapa (Lisboa)

A Filosofia para Crianças diz respeito ao estímulo e prática dos pensamentos Crítico, Criativo e Cuidativo. Seguimos a proposta de Mathew Lipman, considerado «o pai» da Filosofia para Crianças, que enuncia estas três áreas do pensamento, diríamos mesmo do ser humano no seu todo, como áreas privilegiadas de trabalho na Filosofia para Crianças.

Este workshop tem como objectivo permitir aos participantes o contacto com as metodologias de Filosofia para Crianças, com tempo ainda para colocar em prática o questionamento.

Lipman, Brenifier e McCall são alguns dos autores que iremos abordar neste workshop que se apresenta como introdutório para as questões da Filosofia para Crianças.

Formadora: Joana Sousa | filocriatiVIDAde

sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

vamos voltar à Livraria Cabeçudos

A ALEG(o)RIA DA CAVERNA | 23 de Abril | 11h

para pais e filhos (dos 4 aos 10 anos) - quem diz pai, diz mãe, tia avó...

sábado, 9 de abril de 2011


podem ouvir aqui o Eugénio Oliveira, presidente da APEFP

quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2011

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Dia Internacional do Livro Infantil

para hoje, escolhi a Onda. um livro sem palavras, com uma ilustração lindíssima.

e tem muito, muito azul. #diamundialautismo