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First Advanced Seminar for Philosophy for Children, Swarthmoor Hall

«Dear Friends,

I can now confirm that the programme for the First Advanced Seminar for Philosophy for Children, taking place in the beautifulm surroundings of the historic Swarthmoor Hall http://www.swarthmoorhall.co.uk/history.htm from 23 May to 30th May 2008 is available.

Ann Sharp from the IAPC and Eugenio Echeverria from the Central American Centre for Philosophy for Children will be our guides.

There are a few places still available please contact Pat Hannam for more information on thinkingworlds@yahoo.co.uk.

Each day will begin with a philosophical session as related to P4C and will be led by Ann herself.

The second session each day will involve us all working with the novel Harry Stottlemeyer, one of the first written by Matthew Lipman and aimed at 10-13 year olds. The session will be in the form of a Community of Philosophical Enquiry using a section of the story each day to bring the questions. The first enquiry will be facilitated by either Eugenio or Ann and subsequent enquiries will be led by one of the community in a similar way to the Level 2 training here in UK. Each session will end with a good debrief time and allow for a full reflection not just on the enquiry but also of the usefulness of the materials.

There is free time each afternoon to enable people to prepare their enquiry.

For the late afternoon session we will work together with The Dolls Hospital (a novel written more recently by Ann and aimed at the infant age range) this will ensure that we are working well with materials for a wide age range.

It may be that we can be flexible with this session to look at a variety of materials. There will be the chance to clarify the kinds of materials which will enable a more philosophical enquiry and to use these deep reflections to inform our practice.

The evening offers time for individuals to present a paper, or other matter for exploration by the community. If you have plans for a session that you would like to lead please let me know and I will arrange for facilitation/chairing of this session by another member of the community.

Ann is very much looking forward to being with us. You may have heard that Phil has been ill and there was some possibility earlier in the year that she may not have been able to be with us. Now we are certain that the event will be taking place as planned and are looking forward to this very much.

The cost of this event is £400 which will include 6 days training and lunch and dinner each day. Accommodation can be arranged at Swarthmoor Hall, please indicate with your application a request for more information.

With very best wishes

Patricia Hannam»

for more information, please contact thinkingworlds@yahoo.co.uk

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