sábado, 15 de março de 2008

«The checklist I promised helps you to do just that. Here it is. DO YOU...

IMPROVE basic, measured efficiencies continuously?
THINK simply and directly about what you are doing and why?
BEHAVE towards others as you wish them to behave towards you?
EVALUATE each business and business opportunity with total, fact-based objectivity?
CONCENTRATE on what you do well?
ASK questions ceaselessly about performance, markets and objectives?
MAKE MONEY- knowing that, if you don't, you can't make anything else?
ECONOMISE always seeking Limo (Least Input for Most Output)?
FLATTEN the organisation to spread authority and responsibility?
ADMIT to your own failings and shortcomings and correct them?
SHARE the benefits of success with all those who helped to achieve it?
TIGHTEN up the organisation wherever and whenever you can because familiarity breeds slackness?
ENABLE everybody to optimise their individual and group contribution?
SERVE your customers with all their requirements to standards of perceived excellence in quality?
TRANSFORM performance by innovating creatively in products and processes including the processes of management?

If you've scored 15 out of 15, who are you kidding? There are always areas of weakness.
At 10 YES answers, you're doing well, but with plenty to strive for. At 5 or less, your standards will let you down and let down your colleagues. These questions penetrate to the heart of successful management. They have passed, and will pass, the test of time.
They also form an acronym: IT BECAME FASTEST.
Today speed is of the essence, as never before. And that means above all speed of thoughtful, committed, decisive response.

Start by determining fast to read the LETTER TO THINKING MANAGERS, and to explore its accompanying Library of Management Thought and Action. Then do it - FASTEST»


Edward de Bono and Robert Heller, Management Intelligence

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