domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

Institut de pratiques philosophiques / Institute of philosophical practice - Programme d'hiver /Winter program

Seminar "The art of questioning" (in English)

February 6th - 7th - Argenteuil (Paris) - France

Oscar BRENIFIER (France) Philosophy Practitioner - Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques
Workshop : Thinking the unthinkable

Nelson HOEDEKIE (Belgium) Philosophy Practitioner
Workshop: Face (in) the Mirror - my eyes don't see my face

Hein HOEK - Philosophy consultant (Belgium)
Workshop : Structure and chaos

Heykel HOUAS - PhD in Mathematics (France)
Workshop: Naming and processing the oppositions through the antinomies

Jérôme LECOQ - Product Manager (France) - Masters in Philosophy
Workshop: Philosophical questioning

Tomas MAGALHAES CARNEIRO - Philosophy Practitioner (Portugal)
Workshop : Giving birth to concepts

Isabelle MILLON - Philosophy Practitioner - Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques
 Workshop: Moral dilemma

Detlef STAUDE - Coordinator of the Swiss group of philosophical practitioners
Workshop : Philosophizing with Groups - Concepts and Methods


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