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World Philosophy Day 2011

Dear Friends of Philosophy,

We are pleased to inform you that
the celebration of World Philosophy Day 2011 will take place on

Thursday 17 November 2011
UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

A variety of conferences related to philosophy and critical thinking will take place on this occasion, namely on the equitable sharing of the benefits of science, on the thought and work of philosophers on their role on changes in the world, on the recent events in the Arab world and the role of women in social transformations, on the new philosophical practices and most notably philosophy for children, etc.
Other events are also envisaged, namely a film screening, cafés philo, exhibitions, a philosophy bookfair…

Further details on these events will be available starting from 17 Octobre 2011, on the following web page:

We would be very happy to have you with us on this occasion.
If you wish to participate, please register by replying to this message and you will receive an invitation card which will be requested at the entrance.

Yours sincerely,
Philosophy and Democracy Section

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