domingo, 4 de julho de 2010

Faleceu Ann Margaret Sharp

«Ann Margaret Sharp, a professor of educational foundations at Montclair State University for 36 years, passed away on July 1 at her home in Chiapas, Mexico. Ann co-founded the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children with Matthew Lipman in 1974. She published numerous books, articles and curriculum materials on Philosophy for Children (P4C), the classroom community of inquiry, and the political, aesthetic and spiritual dimensions of education. Her work has been translated into dozens of languages. Ann helped to organize the first doctoral program in Philosophy for Children at a Jesuit university (Iberoamericana) in Mexico City, and later was instrumental in establishing the first doctoral program – in pedagogy, with a specialization in Philosophy for Children – at Montclair State. She helped to establish the International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children in 1985, which now has over 60 member countries, and conducted conferences and workshops in nearly that many countries herself. Ann worked with numerous universities and government ministries of education around the world to organize philosophy programs in schools and professional development and university degree programs in P4C. Ann retired from Montclair State University in 2009. She was a joyful, passionate and generous person, loved and admired, and now mourned, by thousands of colleagues, students and friends. »

e-mail recebido através da Sophia Network (Dr. Catherine C. McCall)

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