domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

Filosofia para Crianças - livros de Catherine C. McCall

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a imagem aqui apresentada é a capa do livro John's story:

« is a story about a group of young teenagers who find philosophical and ethical puzzles in everyday life. The story transforms the ideas of great philosophers into recognisable situations from daily life, following John and his friends at home and at school where they wonder about questions such as: · Can a person change if their behaviour changes? · What is trust? · What is the difference between a group of friends and a team? · What makes me the person I am? · How do we know what is true? · Is violence ever justified? · How do we know what is right? Swept along by the plot twists and mysteries, the reader is introduced to philosophical puzzles and dilemmas, which transport them effortlessly into the realm of philosophical wonder, thinking and reasoning. The book can be read simply as a story, or it can be used with groups of 10 - 14 year olds as a stimulus to discussion and dialogue.»

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