sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2010

4º Ignite Portugal


“What’s the purpose of being frightned?” - Paulo Leite

“The future of images” - João Seabra

“Change through massively joining political parties” - João Nogueira dos Santos

“The importance of studying the Universe and having Scientific knowledge“ - Pedro Russo

“Through the rabbit hole” - Marco Alexandre Saias

“The experience of designing for the world” - Tereza Prego

“Entrepreneurship Today” - Frederico Lucas

“The 3 golden years for Portuguese Start-Ups” - Francisco Banha

"Wouldn’t it be great to have all you need to take off, in just one place" - Pedro Chambel

“Personal Marketing is not about changing but improving yourself” - Jorge Lascas

“Tips to get Energy4Life” - André Ribeiro

“If you want to do it, why don’t you?” - Rui Cabral

“Today’s economy and Tomorrow’s companies” - Lígia Fernandes

“Glass ceiling or sticky floor?” - Nicole Eifler

“Children Marketing: devil or angel?” - Luísa Agante

“Customer Intelligence in high-tech marketing” - Isabel Borges

“The importance of client orientation” - Wilques Erlacher

“Abomination Marketing” - Yeti Orlando Martins

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