terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2007

Therapeutic Philosophy: A Counseling Alternative for Women in Prison

Um artigo de Yolanda Angulo, do Centro de Estudos Genealógicos para a investigação da cultura no México e na América Latina. Disponível aqui.

«Whenever we speak about the need for a better world, almost naturally one cannot help thinking about those projects that can make such world come true. Immediately, we visualize an ocean of possibilities, among which we must select one or several, provided they are viable, because we are fed up with utopias.
In this paper I shall explore some of the basic features of therapeutic philosophy as guidelines to develop a Pilot Plan to be applied to the inmates of the CERESO in Cd. Juarez, Chih. The purpose of such plan will be to take care of certain inner needs of women in prison, and study, at the same time, the power relations that make possible the commission of the crimes that led them to jail. In other words, we must find out up to which point, therapeutic philosophy can constitute a useful tool in the individual level, to help inmates to overcome emotional conflicts, find the meaning of life and articulate those conflicts, in the theoretical field, to the new forms of “criminal subjectivity”, emerging from the rise of drug traffic, which is the misdemeanor due to which most women go to prison.»

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